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YLI holds Super Student Primary Mock Election

The Youth Leadership Initiative will run a modified primary mock election from February 22-29, 2016 with results posting on March 1. The online voting activity will coincide with the Super Tuesday primaries and give students an opportunity to weigh in on the presidential hopefuls. YLI will hold an open primary meaning that students may choose from one of the candidates regardless of party. All candidates will be listed in alphabetical order on the ballot. After voting for a candidate, the students will be asked to identify which political party they plan to vote for in the 2016 National Mock Election.

YLI has many great lesson plans that support the Super Student Primary Mock Election including:

  • Campaign Advertising
  • Debate Watching Guide
  • Presidential Election 2016 - Evaluating the Presidency (Updated)
  • Primaries and Caucuses (Updated)
  • Selecting a President, Part I and II
  • Third Parties

    All schools registered with YLI can participate in the 2016 Super Student Primary Mock Election. Not registered with YLI? Visit the YLI Sign Up page to register. As with all YLI programs the Super Student Primary and 2016 National Mock Election are available FREE of charge to registered teachers.